The Greenstone home page gives access to the following features:

Select a collection
Presents the built collections in the digital library to choose from. A collection is a focused set of documents. Select a collection to view the documents in it, find documents by searching by keywords and phrases, as well as browsing by librarian assigned metadata. The way each collection was configured when it was built and the collection's contents, such as if its documents contain extractable text and which metadata have been assigned or extracted for documents, and which of these metadata were set up to be searchable and browsable, determine the available indexes and metadata you can search and browse the collection by.
The library administrator or any other users with an account on the library can log in through this menu option. Once logged in, the menu allows changing the account password or logging out. When viewing a document, logged-in users can turn the online document editing features on or off by selecting the Enable/Disable edit mode option through this menu. If this feature is switched on and the user is a member of the correct group to edit documents in the selected collection, they can edit the metadata or text content for the document they're viewing, then rebuild the collection with the modifications to the document.
This help page is shown when the Help menu is accessed through the main Greenstone home pages. To access help for a collection, first go into that collection and select the Help menu.
From this menu, you can choose from a list of available languages to control the language in which the Greenstone library interface is presented to you. You can also turn the Favourite basket feature on or off. The Favourite basket features allows you to mark documents in search results to add them to your 'basket' as documents of interest, and email the links to yourself for later inspection.
Quick Search
To search across the default search index of all the built collections available in the library.
Cross collection search
To search across all the available built collections, with some more control over number of the particular collections to search through and the search results displayed.
Administration Page
Through here, the administrator can log in and view users who have an account in the digital library, create new users and edit their settings. From the Administration Page, Greenstone administrators can assign Greenstone group membership to users. The group(s) assigned to a user control which collections logged-in users may edit and which non-public collections such users may view. Users can also be assigned to the admin group, giving such users access to the Administrator Page as well.
This subsytem of Greenstone guides you through the steps for adding a new document into an existing collection and lets you assign metadata to it. In order to use the Depositor, you need to have an account, be logged in and be a member of the necessary group for adding documents to the selected collection.
Registering as a new user creates a basic a user account on the Digital Library. However, the library administrator needs to be contacted (if they have set up their contact email) for a registered new user to be added to access or editing groups.
About Greenstone
A page that provides general information about the Greenstone Digital Library software and links to the Greenstone website, wiki, tutorials and mailing list.